The wedding day is filled with emotions and moments with the close ones that came to share it with you. Often there are guests that come from all around the world to be on your side on that very day. But when this day is over and you wake up in the morning the warm feeling of the perfect day is still here and often a lot of the guests are still with you. So here is an other occasion to continue to share new great moments with them.

Here are some ides on how you can spend the day after the wedding.

Have a brunch


If you have the chance to rent a hotel or a whole great place with rooms and space, you can agree with the wedding staff to organise the day after in a cosy way like the garden for a brunch. It is a privileged moment as the stress is gone and now you are a married couple. You are still in the wedding mood so obviously no one will count the calories afterwards 🙂 And if you do and if you feel dizzy after the wedding it is the occasion to jump on fruits and healthy food.

After all the emotions and moments from the wedding, and most of all of all the time that flies during all those beautiful emotions, you will now have time to talk in a calm way. Guests from abroad will be pleased to discover the food and new flavors and have a little calm moment with you. Even more if you are in an exotic place.

It can also allow you to play with the kids in the garden as the might have gone to bed early the day before and the feeling of being surrounded by your close ones is priceless.

Plan a Picnic


This is quite a retro idea but why not use the charms of the place you choose to share a moment with your close ones. It is a way to relax in a great way and enjoy the beautiful nature around you. Nature is really important so you could chose the bio materials in order to preserve it and have a great moment with your guests. Talks lough and tasty food is a perfect match for this relaxing day.

Do games , have fun and burn the calories


Having fun is the key for the day after the wedding. So why not organizing fun moments with your guests everybody loves games. Sa soccer tournament or simply some local games can be the key to a great moments with the loved ones.



If you have the chance to spend your wedding day on a spot with history and character, you can opt for a visit of the nearby’s beauties. Your abroad guests ill be pleased to discover the place. And if it si one of your favorite destination you can add some personal details while touring.


The next day should be spent on relaxin, having fun and sharing moments with the guest that are with you.