A wedding day is a lot of work and preparation before the day happens. When finally the day comes there can still be many things to think about and setup.  With all the events and moments following the timeline of this day is really busy in a sense that some couples have the impression that it went to fast and they feel like they wren in a dream. Fortunately there are the pictures to remember. But if you were in a hurry what would be the 10 pictures you would absolutely make to depict the emotions, the moments and the close ones that were part of it. This is the question that popped up from a client as we were planning the wedding pictures together.

So here are the 10 pictures I wouldn’t miss no matter what:

1. The emotion before everything starts

This can be done either at home when preparing or at the hairstylist with your friends. It is important because it shows the emotions and feelings in the last moments of the singe life. A good idea would be to take a moment before the ceremony and capture a few wedding couple pictures. The groom and the bride could discover each other and the emotion they have instants before getting married…

2. The parent walking the isle with the bride/groom

It is a privilege for a parent to grow their kids and a great pride to be at their side for this beautiful moments…

3. The rings at the ceremony

Our life is guided by symbols and the rings are part of a lot of  cultures in the world. It symbolises the spiritual bond and the link between each other. So for the symbolism and to remember that beautiful moment, it is important to capture it. It can be quite aesthetic too, because of the natural lens blur created by the lens.

4. The Kiss!!

Of course it would be unthinkable to not talk about this beautiful moment that is the most representative of love.

5. The parents emotions

The wedding is a journey celebrating the love of two persons and witnessed by the close ones. And parents are really touched and proud of there kids, so their emotions are amplified when they see them happy.

6. The group picture after the ceremony

All the close ones that are present in these moments and share them with the wedding couple. So a picture of everyone cheering the newly-wedds next to the  the ceremony place for example is a way too say it happened here with all of them.

7. Group picture with the parents

Standing in front of the camera and smiling can be a flat moment, but for the parents and guests it is a privilege moment with a picture they can keep and share with their close ones. Especialy your parents they will be proudly showing that very picture to their friends.

8. A beautiful compostions of the couple

This is a day when the couple has one of the best feeling of their life. Their emotions are high and deep. So guiding them in a nice background even if it is cliché it gives great results. This is also the occasion to show the dress and the costume. So it could be the one they print and put on the wall or send as a thank you card.

9. Throwing the bouquet

Because this is the moment when the bride has fun and passes the flowers to the next candidate for a wedding :). It is a great symbolic picture and fun to compose for the photographer.

10. The opening dance


Couples are often shy to dance in front of an audience but on this special day all the stress goes away and the feelings for each other take the control. So again it is a very emotional picture.