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Take advantage of Covid-19 Qurantine

Last December 2019 a new virus erupted in the province of Wuhan in China which has dramatic symptoms and fatality on some infected patients. Since then the countries where the virus erupts are shutting down the economy and are keeping the population isolated in order to prevent new infections. This has a dramatic effect on [...]

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Stress to avoid the day before the wedding

As you can imagine being so close to the very day can be stressful.There is a lot of time spent on the organisation and preparation that the day and the night before can be quite stressful. Somme wedding couples I met admit that they had event difficulties to sleep. Here are some reasons that can [...]

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Things to do the after the wedding to share a new moment with the close ones

The wedding day is filled with emotions and moments with the close ones that came to share it with you. Often there are guests that come from all around the world to be on your side on that very day. But when this day is over and you wake up in the morning the [...]

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10 Pictures You Must Have From Your Wedding

Photos by SLIKA PHOTOGRAPHY A wedding day is a lot of work and preparation before the day happens. When finally the day comes there can still be many things to think about and setup.  With all the events and moments following the timeline of this day is really busy in a sense that some [...]

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