As you can imagine being so close to the very day can be stressful.There is a lot of time spent on the organisation and preparation that the day and the night before can be quite stressful. Somme wedding couples I met admit that they had event difficulties to sleep. Here are some reasons that can put the pressure on you the day before.



There are a lot of thing to take care of before everything is done. And as you all know it a lot of thing have to be set minutes before the moment like decoration, flowers, food, music, photos etc.

The idea to help you relax is a list with the planification and reliable people to count on. So involve your best friends that have organizational personality.

We all have a friend that is great at his job because he likes doing things perfectly. You can ask them to help you taking care of the stressful details because help is the key.

Patience, communication and trustfulness is the key. If you spend the right amount of time and effort discussing with all the professionals around you you will have few things to take car of. <they are used to this type of event and know how to prepare everything. They have tons of experience so they can even help pou in the decisions process.

One step back: Sometimes we are so much in the worry that we can’t see that everything is going as planned. We  spend time in the catastrophic scenario instead of seeing what is really in front of our eyes, so be open to understand what is going on.

A catastrophy is arriving, my phone is ringing… People helping you can also be stressed and over reacting on a situation so before jumping to any conclusions it is wise to answer with no fear and ready to listen what is going on, sometimes what seems a catastrophe to ones only  an insignificant detail to other.

Personnel feelings

Of course it is a great journey dedicated to your love, so it can be stressful to think about the speeches and the feelings we have to show to the loved one in front of an audience. Keep in mind that people around you are here to support you and share those beautiful moments. So if you feel shy or uncomfortable about all the talking, you can stick to the words you wrote. And if you wand to go in the improvisation you should know that the guest are here for you not to make a literal critic on your words, certainly not on this great day. And even if your voice is shaking and you let some tears they will be touched and they might let a tear of joy with you. So remember, this is your moment, the loved ones are here for you.


Oh my god I am taking a decision for the rest of my life. This is a sentence that I can hear sometimes from the nearly married couple as we approach the day. This little voice can bring a panic moment and I think that it is a normal feeling to have. Even if you are cruising in the best feelings with your partner, you can be stressed by the changes and the implication that comes. So the first thing to remember is the best moments you had together and why you are taking this decision together. A life plan can be pretty stressful but you know each other and deeply inside of you you know you can trust and rely on your partner, so instead of a stressful decision, think about it like the beginning of a new journey full of joy.

How my/our kids will see this day

Sometimes there are couples that already have kids together or from a previous relationship, which is a great proof of love and acceptance. Kids have their own way to perceive things around them so how are they going to feel during all the wedding day?

If you have kids together and if they are small, you should ask someone close to be with them during the crucial moments when you are not available. Grand parents will be delighted to spend some times with them as they are often crazy about them. And if you have a kid from a previous relationship it could be a great opportunity to show them that they are part of the process. So you can involve them by making them bring you the rings, take care of the dress or make them sit next to you. It can be fun for them and they will feel part of the changes. Prepare a little speech in their own language to explain them that they are part of this new love cocoon.


I want everything to be perfect

After over 150 weddings I took part of, I can assure you that it will be, so this stress should never let you awake the night before.